Healing for the Trauma Photographer


Every day hundreds of men and women work in jobs that expose them to incidents that are horrific, sad, and life-threatening and/or expose them to the evil and tragedies of life. Professionals who choose these jobs because they are making the world a safer and better place and because of a desire to work in a job that assists and supports others. These men and women taught me, through their stories and their treatment, about job-related trauma. These professionals asked for a way to process the traumatic incidents they often encounter as a regular part of their jobs so that they could maintain .the high level of functioning they had when entering their profession. These CDs and MP3 downloads have been designed specifically for job-related traumas; they are not intended to substitute for therapy, mental health treatment or medical intervention for individuals who are experiencing serious emotional difficulties. They have been created as a way to process traumatic job-related incidents before their impact leads to serious problems that interfere with the job and personal life. Professionals experiencing serious emotional difficulties from job-related trauma and/or other events in their lives should seek help from individuals in the mental health field. For photographers who in the processes of photographing scenes of war, natural disasters, loss, murder, or traumatic parts of life have taken in the sadness, grief, pain or horror of these scenes. Three audio files designed to assist in letting go and processing the destructive thoughts, feelings and images absorbed from photographing traumatic scenes. Available as a CD or mp3 file; all with alternating audio stimulation. Designed to be listened to repeatedly. Tracks: 1. Understanding Job-Related Trauma 2. Processing for the Trauma Photographer 3. Healing for the Trauma Photographer Visual Imagery Suggestions to visualize problems, solutions and change. Designed to engage the right side of the brain where flashbacks and traumatic images are believed to be stored. Direct Suggestion Direct positive statements designed to over-ride negative statements, reduce anxiety, motivate positive behaviors and thinking (cognitive-behavioral therapy) Positive statements that encourage change in thinking and behavior, based on research and clinical practice. . Messages repeated again and again to challenge negative through patterns and self-talk. Designed to be played repeatedly without the listener consciously focusing attention to the messages, but loud enough so messages can be heard if listener focuses on them. (Are not subliminal messages.) Alternating drum sounds: Computer generated drum sounds designed to be listened to with headphones so that the sound alternates from ear to ear repeatedly. Seems to enable both hemispheres of the brain to be involved in problem solving and healing.

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Healing for the Trauma Photographer

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