Bar Examination


The self-talk or messages that we silently repeat to ourselves in relationship to taking and earning a high score on a test is an important aspect of studying and test performance. Self-talk directs our thinking, emotions, and behavior. Self talk such as "I am going to fail this test" or "I won't find time to study" or "I won't remember what I have studied; or "I always forget the most important information" can become self fulfilling prophecies. Although sufficient preparation to take an important examination requires some degree of anxiety, high levels of anxiety interferes with test performance. Although Individuals who experience high test anxiety may study and learn even more than those who do not experience debilitating anxiety, as these individuals take a test and come to a question that they do not know, their anxiety spikes and seems to erase all the information they had retained when studying for that test. Therefore, the information that they know and is in their memory becomes unavailable to answer additional questions. Bar Exam Targets studying during Bar Review in preparation to take State Bar Examinations as a step in being licensed to practice law. Positive directives to motivate allocating sufficient study time, retain information, investigate the types of questions on this examination and how to answer them (review courses and practice tests can provide this information); and take care of oneself, i.e., Sleep, exercise, food, stress), They also target behavior experienced while taking the test and encourage positive self talk and reduction of anxiety that interferes with performance. Negative messages that interfere with studying, learning and test taking probably have a long history and have been repeated hundreds of times without awareness that they were interfering with success. Therefore, in order for the positive messages and directives on these audio files to replace long-standing negative ones, they must be listened to repeatedly and over a long time period.

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Bar Examination

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